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TYM-W4545 horizontal liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine

TYM-W4545 horizontal liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine

NO.: TYM-W4545
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Horizontal Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injection molding machine-Silicone menstrual cup making machine,Silicone baby bottle making machine 

Direct pressure mould opening and closing system, horizontal injection structure, it can adjust the mould faster, and control the position more precisely. It is more suitable for producing the LSR parts which can be automatically removed from the mould.

The main feature of the horizontal LSR molding machine:

  • Newly-optimized integrated all-in-one design
  • Meet multiple requirements on the automatic manufacturing technique for LSR products.
  • Shorter the mould closing and opening time, improve the production efficiency.
  • Remote control function
  • Multi-section mould closing and opening and injection, speed adjusting stepless.

The Horizontal LSR machine for the applicable scope:

  1. Liquid silicone baby products, such as the baby nipple, baby pacifier, baby toothbrush, silicone feeding bottle, baby soother etc.
  2. Liquid silicone medical part, as like the capsule, laryngeal mask capsule, oxygen mask, protective mast, catheter, balloon, medical belt etc.
  3. Silicone high-voltage cable accessories,
  4. Electronics and industrial product, such as the watchband, mobile phone case, valve, O-ring, sealing part, auto parts more.
  5. Sex products, such as the vibrating spear, sex toy coat, adult supplies etc.
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