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LSR Injection Molding for silicone baby nipple/pacifier/teat/teether/bottle

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TYM offer LSR Injection Molding for silicone baby nipple/pacifier/teat/teether/bottle

Horizontal LSR injection molding machine can produce the many kinds of silicone baby feeding part, one machine change the molds can produce most of silicone baby feeding parts.

Direct pressure mould opening and closing system, horizontal injection structure, it can adjust the mould faster, and control the position more precisely. It is more suitable for producing the LSR parts which can be automatically removed from the mould.For LSR injection molding, TYM offer the LSR injection molding machine and mold for silicone feeding parts.

Our factory professionally design and produce the LSR (liquid silicone rubber) injection molding machine, LSR injection mold and ODM silicone products with more than 17years. Our LSR injection machine are wide used in the silicone medical parts, silicone baby products, silicone labor protection products, silicone diving products, silicone kitchen ware, silicone electronic accessory, silicone automobile accessory etc. For the LSR injection molding process, we can make the silicone parts, silicone overmolded with the PC/PA/PPSU/Metal/Glass/ Graphite plate parts, and two-color silicone parts.