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Guangdong International Robot & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo


And display 3 newest LSR equipment and the manufacture technique of sophisticated LSR mould working in the equipment: 3 worktable rotate double-color LSR injection molding machine, double-material injection molding machine and double sliding plate vertical LSR injection molding machine.

How the Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding Process Works


We know that LSR material has lots of outstanding features in components making and it also have lots application in many industrial use...

Details about the LSR injection molding process


In last artical, we learn that how the liquid silicone injection molding working, and now we try to explain while mold production and part production.

LSR baby nipple mold with cold runner by TYM- Automatic demoulding


As an expert of liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine, TYM has been engaged in the infant industry in China for many years.