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LSR Injection Molding for silicone medical laryngeal mask

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LSR Injection Molding for silicone medical laryngeal mask, oxygen mask, breathing mask, spray mask

Vertical double slide LSR injection molding machine TYM-L5058 fit to produce the most of silicone medical parts includ Mask ( laryngeal mask, oxygen mask, breathing mask, spray mask), Catheter ( Foye catheter, gastric tube, drainage tube), Balloon( negative pressure ball, indicated balloon) etc. One machine can produce many kinds of silicone parts only need cahgne the LSR injection mold.

Vertical Double slide Liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine for silicone catheter

Closing the mould downward, two kinds of models can be chose – single sliding board and double sliding board. For double sliding board LSR machine, one upper moldboard and two lower moldboards are installed, which improves the production efficiency. The sliding out structure on the machine makes the production more conveniently and more safely. Also the vertical mould opening and closing is more suitable for producing the overmold (inmold) LSR parts which has inserts.

The main feature of the vertical LSR molding machine:

  • Advanced sliding rail structure, which can reduce the oil pollution and make the machine works faster and steadier.

  • Active pin valve-pattern nozzle sealing system, which can guarantee the injection more accurately.

  • Meet the requirements on multi-station production

  • High-performance servo motor system is installed, which can guarantee the machine work more accurately and more energy-savingly.