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LSR Injection Molding for silicone overmolding part

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LSR Injection Molding for silicone overmolding part

TYM offer LSR injection molding process includ LSR injection molding machine and tooling for the liquid silicone rubber overmolded with the PC/PA/PPSU/Metal/Glass/ Graphite plate parts, and two-color silicone parts.

LSR Injection molding overmold injection molding process involves two steps wherein a completed plastic or metal entity is placed into the mold site of an LSR mold, after which the LSR is overmolded directly onto the part.

Following video is LSR injection molding overmolding mask, liquid silicoen rubber overmoled with the PA parts:

The main feature of LSR injection molding overmolding

LSR injection molding is a cost-effective and versatile process used by manufacturers in a large number of industries and applications. From LSR overmolded handles to complex electronic assemblies, there are multiple reasons why rubber overmolding is a good choice for your project:

Cost and time savings —By molding silicone directly onto a metal or plastic substrate, you’ll save the expense and time required to assemble a complex part manually. This can dramatically reduce your manufacturing costs and turnaround time, allowing you to get your product to market more economically.

Design flexibility —LSR injection molding is excellent for meeting the complex design requirements of the automotive and medical industries. Silicone rubber overmolding produces parts that are waterproof, airtight, and more resistant to shock and vibrations.

Quality control —The LSR injection overmolding process offers high tolerance and strict quality control, making it suitable for use in any application where precision is required.

TYM can offer the Complete production plan for the LSR injection molding for overmolding parts accrodng to your drawings and requirments.