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TYM-LS900-160T Vertical Double-color LSR injection molding machine

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  • Product Detail
Clamping Unit
Clamping Force160 T
Opening Stroke150-550 mm
Tie-Bars Space1000 mm
Ejection Force450 mm
Ejection Stroke7.8 T
Injection Unit
Shot Volume125g * 2(double injecting)
Injection Rate30 g/s
Injection Pressure19.6 T
Pump Pressure21 Mpa *2
Motor Power15KW
Heater Power30 KW
Mould Orientation Ring DiameterΦ 100 mm
Machine Weight6.1 T
Machine Dimension4.0*1.4*2.1 m

Double-color Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injection molding machine-Two-color silicone machine for double silicone products,Silicone injection machine factory

It has two mould closing space, two sets of LSR dosing unit, and only one common computer controller. Two kinds of LSR material with different color and hardness can be molded in the machine, which is suitable for producing the LSR products with double color or double kinds.

The main feature of the double-color LSR molding machine:

  • First created in China

  • Meet the requirements on double-station, double-color LSR production.

  • Double-servo motor system

  • High-performance rotary structure of round mouldboard

  • Humanized design of ejector structure

  • PLC computer controller is adopted on the host conveyor

The Vertical Double-Color LSR machine for the applicable scope:

  1. The LSR product with two colors and two different hardness shore LSR material, which will be once-through shaping technique, thus has hifth efficiency and excellent product quality

  2. Double-Color Liquid silicone baby products, such as the baby nipple, baby pacifier, baby toothbrush, baby silicone bottle, baby soother ect.

  3. Double-Color Liquid silicone medical part, as like the capsule, laryngeal mask capsule, oxygen mask, protective mast, catheter, balloon, medical belt etc.

  4. Double-Color Silicone high-voltage cable accessories,

  5. Double-Color Electronics and industrial product, such as the watchband, mobile phone case, valve, O-ring, sealing part, auto parts more.

  6. Double-Color Sex products, such as the vibrating spear, sex toy coat, adult supplies etc.

  7. Double-Color moldcover LSR part.

LSR injection molding industry application

Maternal and baby industry: The safety and forming process of liquid silicone materials are non-pollution, and have been widely used in the production of silicone products such as nipples, pacifiers, teether , bottles, spoons, suckers, brushes and so on in the maternal and baby industry.

Medical industry: The good biological characteristics and high-quality forming technology of liquid silicone materials have been widely used in the silicone accessories such as catheter & the joint, gastric tube, laryngeal mask, mask, dental bracket, negative pressure ball, incision protective cover, balloon and so on in the medical industrial.

Electronics industry: The waterproof, elastic and high precision forming process of liquid silicone material has been widely used in the silicone parts such as joint waterproof seals, horn diaphragm, mobile phone case, watch belt, button, earphone and so on in the electronics industry.

Automobile Parts Industry: The high permeability and high efficiency production process of liquid silicone material has been widely used in the silicone accessories such as LED perspective mirror,spark plug protector, wire harness seal ,sealing strips in automobile parts industry.

Labor Protection Industry: The soft touch, odorless and stable forming process of liquid silicone material has been widely used in the protective masks, gas masks, anti-dust and haze masks, noise-proof earplugs, protective mirror frames and other silicone parts in the labor protection industry.


Kitchen and sanitary industry: The production of liquid silicone material with high and low temperature resistance, non-toxicity and high qualified rate has been widely used in the production of cake mold, chocolate mold, stir-frying shovel, sprinkler,  seal washer with pot cover and other silicone products in kitchen and sanitary industry.