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Why LSR injection molding is widely used ?


Due to ue the thermosetting nature of the LSR material ,LSR injection molding has been widely used in various kinds of industry production , such as: medical, baby bottle and nipple,automotive, aerospace, electrical, sex toys, and other industrial applications. Among the most tested biomaterials, silicones are increasingly desired based on their unique combination of biocompatibility and performance properties,that made silicone rubber become the most popular option when making parts.

Now let's learn what it gets:

*Chemically inert, tasteless, odorless, and stainless;

*Biocompatible and short/long-term implantable;

*Bacterial resistant and easy to clean and sterilize;

*Temperature flexible – 180°F to 600°F;

*Chemical resistant;

*Fatigue and compression set resistant;

*Lubricious for less invasive biological applications;

*Elongatable: 100 – 900%.

As Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) material it's own outstanding properties, it meet the multiple requirements in various kinds of the high-end products, especially in baby product ,medical product and sex toys industry. Thought LSR has good performance , injection molding of liquid silicone rubber requires special treatment, such as uniform distributive mixing. In addition, the material must be maintained at a constant temperature up until it is pushed into the heated cavity and vulcanized. For more informations about the LSR injection molding, you can follow us at www.tymsilicone.com .

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