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What's the Advantages of Silicone Injection Molding when compare to Silicone Gum Rubber ?


As we all know, silicone injection molding has lots of outstanding features in production , and what's the advantages when compared to Silicone Gum Rubber?

#1. Faster Cycle

Normally LSR cycle times are 30-60 seconds, where cycles for millable injection molding, compression, or transfer molding are often several minutes.

#2. Complex Geometries

LSR‘s s low viscosity at injection allows for flow into thinner, more complex geometries than gum rubbers. Solid silicone rubbers can encounter
flow and gassing issues with such geometries.

#3. Automation

Silicone gum rubber molding is quite labor intensive. Transfer and compression molding require preformed silicone gum and these processes are
traditionally manually demolded. LSR allows for automation of both the shot dosing and part demolding.

#4.Improved safety

LSR machine operators, with the proper automation, must rarely enter the molding area; parts can be transported out of the injection molding
machine via robot, chute, or conveyor. This allows for fewer chances of burns from the hot mold or other safety issues.

#5. Material Preparation

Silicone gum rubbers require milling, a process of mixing the base rubber with a catalyst, that's really different with silicone injection molding.

As discussed above, silicone injection molding is absolutely a good way during production, and it's should be a high level way compared to the silicone gum rubber. To get more information , kindly view : www.tymsilicone.com .