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Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding---Application Areas


Since liquid silicone rubber owns lots of outstanding features in making some important silicone components in various filed, liquid silicone rubber injection become more and more popular in industrial production. Today , let's check it out what's the application areas of liquid silicone rubber injection modling.


Due to their biocompatibility, stability over a wide range of temperatures, and mechanical resilience liquid silicone rubbers have a variety of advantages over other elastomeric materials for medical and healthcare applications:

Needleless Injection Sites – self-sealing valves

Infusion Pumps and Tips – cataract eye surgeries

Caps and Stoppers – viles and other containers

Membrane Pumps – fluid dosage

Ultrasonic Blades – vibration damping

Metal Overmolding – autoclave sterilization

Skin Contact Products – hypoallergenic

Implantable Products – biocompatibility Multitude of Additional Uses

Automotive – The self sealing nature of LSR products, along with their high temperature stability and electrical insulating properties make them very well suited for various automotive applications:

Spark Plug Boots – electrical insulation
Wiring Harnesses – insulation, wire gripping
Bellows – flexible hose / wire coverings
Gaskets & O-rings – high temp. engineusage
Mounts – vibration / noise damping
Interior Components – soft touch items

Various other items important as design for molding. Silicone has a high green tear strength: meaning that very large undercuts may be designed into a product and the parts can be stretched over them during demolding without permanent deformation. This, however, does not mean
that any geometry may be easily removed from the mold. Silicone’s tendency to adhere to the mold steel after molding coupled with its natural tackiness can make it quite difficult to remove thick walled highly undercut parts. Undercuts and wall thicknesses should becarefully chosen during the design phase.


Like automotive, typical industrial applications rely on LSR products for sealing, flow control, temperature stability, and electrical insulation:

Gaskets & O-rings – sealing applications

Check Valves – flow control and sealing

Food Handling – mixing and heatresistance

Membranes – pressure regulation

Various Outdoor Applications – silicone can withstand great variability in environmental conditions.

Two mainly application areas shown above , and there are much more industrial areas use liqiud silicone rubber injection molding for it's excellent products. To learn more about liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding , kindly visit : www.tymsilicone.com .