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LSR baby nipple mold with cold runner by TYM- Automatic demoulding

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LSR baby nipple mold with cold runner by TYM- Automatic demoulding


As an expert of liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine, TYM has been engaged in the infant industry in China for many years. Over the past 16 years, we have helped our customers solve many difficult problems. Little foreign people's lactobacillus children's drinks are well known in the market, among which the disposable nipple is developed and manufactured by TYM.

The 16 cavities LSR baby nipple with cold runner is produced by 130T horizontal LSR injection molding machine. Its cycle time is about 25s which can be produced for 50,000pcs per day. There are no injection point, no flash, no second-time process, which meet the clients’ requirement for high productivity and far beyond customer expectations.

TYM has been specialized in LSR Injection molding machine for over 16 years. TYM offers LSR injection molding machine and exquisitely designed LSR baby nipple with cold runner.It is not only solves the problem of manual processing of the flying edge of the back part of the client, but also saves two workers per machine every day, greatly reducing the production cost and greatly improving the production efficiency.

TYM, as a leading enterprise of liquid silicone injection molding in China, sincerely provides customers with a complete set of solutions for equipment, molds and professional training.