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Details about the LSR injection molding process

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Details about the LSR injection molding process


In last artical, we learn that how the liquid silicone injection molding working, and now we try to explain while mold production and part production.

Mold production
When an order is placed, TYM will design an LSR molding tool. Due to the flexible feture of LSR, parts are manually removed from the mold, and thus, ejector pins are not built into the mold design. Like a standard Protomold aluminum tool, an LSR molding tool is fabricated using a combination of CNC milling and CNC electrical-discharge machining to create a high-temperature aluminum tool built to withstand the LSR molding process. After milling, the tool is polished by hand to customer specifications, others may be available by request.

Part production

The finished tool loaded into an advanced LSR-specific injection-molding press that is precision geared for accurate control of shot size to produce the most consistent liquid silicone rubber parts. LSR molding shares many similarities with conventional injection molding, but there are a few notable differences. Unlike thermoplastic resin, which is melted before injection, LSR is a two-part thermoset compound that is chilled before being injected into a heated mold and ultimately cured into a final part. Note that Protomold uses an automated meter mixing pump to assure the exact combination of the two-part compound; nothing is hand mixed. Since LSR is a thermosetting polymer, its molded state is permanent .

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