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TYM silicone mould for baby nipple production


Liquid silicone rubber has been widely used in Baby care industrial, including baby nipple, baby pacifier, baby teethes, baby bottle,spoon, bowl, water cup and so on. In baby care industrial, TYM offers whole set production line including LSR injection molding machine, LSR mold, Punching machine, oven machine for Secondary sulfide, chiller machine and Air compressor.

In general, it is cold runner for baby nipple mold. There are standard neck nipple, wide neck baby nipple and super neck baby nipple. And there are 4 cavities/6 cavities/8 cavities/16 cavities designed for different type baby nipples. We can offer the mold without water gate and flash, which save cost. The cycle time can be 35-60s.
The whole production line for baby nipple can be automatic which can be blow out by air or took out by machine hand.

How to make the hole for baby nipple?

1. It can design the hole on the top of baby nipple’s mold.(A. no water gate, have the hole once finish. B, with water gate, have the hole after remove injection pillar.

2. There are cross hole, Y hole, V hole and so on. These can not be designed on the baby nipple mold, which need to be made by punching machine.

3.There is air-back hole for baby nipple. The best quality should be made by punching machine, and it could be made by a punch or scissors